Biostatistics and Data Sciences Students Receive Departmental Preliminary Exam Awards

Shiming Zhang and Jiachen Lu
Shiming Zhang and Jiachen Lu, left to right

Shiming Zhang and Jiachen Lu, MS, are the winners of the Highest Theory Score and Highest Overall Score awards, respectively, for this year’s Biostatistics and Data Sciences Preliminary Exam.

The Biostatistics and Data Sciences Preliminary Exam is given once a year in August and comprises of two eight-hour sections that tests the student’s understanding of key theory, methodology, methods and applications of Biostatistics and Data Sciences. It is intended for PhD students to qualify them to proceed in their studies.

This year, 27 students took the exam.

“As a biostatistics PhD student, I’ve learned to conquer real-world problems with my theoretical training at UTHealth,” said Lu. ”I’m gratefully honored to receive this award. It not only rewards my effort in the past, but also serves me more willpower to realize my pursuit.”

“I feel extremely honored to pass the primary exam and receive the award in my first year,” said Zhang, “Looking into my future after graduation, I hope to become a biostatistics professor and a clinical researcher at a medical school.” 

Congratulations to Lu and Zhang for this achievement.

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