Brownsville 20th Anniversary: Dr. Miryoung Lee

Dr. Miryoung Lee

Dr. Miryoung Lee says the people at the Brownsville campus are its greatest asset. “It was a big change moving from Ohio to Texas. I grew up near the mountains in South Korea, and always enjoyed being in the outdoors in Ohio as well, hiking and trail running in the forest, even in winter. Adjusting to the South Texas heat was a big deal, but the opportunities to serve and grow alongside a great group of students, staff and faculty have been worth it!” 

 Lee arrived at the Brownsville Campus in 2017 coming from Wright State University in Ohio. She enjoys the small campus and community where she feels like she can make a difference. For example, last year at the early stages of COVID-19 spread, she and colleagues were able to assist the County and City Health Departments to create a much-needed COVID-19 symptom and case tracking/mapping system, which has guided local decision-makers and will continue to benefit the area in case of future outbreaks.  

 “I’ve also enjoy the opportunity to work on projects related to diabetes and diabetes associated chronic disease risk with the Cameron County Hispanic Cohort study, as well as some work with Salud y Vida, a chronic disease management intervention study. The students here at the Brownsville campus are like no others I’ve worked with--they are so open to learning. It is a really positive environment, and I look forward to getting even more involved in this community!”  

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