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CHoosing And Maintaining Effective Programs for Sex Education in Schools

Needs Assessments

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What is the purpose of this tool?

The Needs and Resource Assessment is a guide for collecting information about your school district that is relevant to addressing adolescent sexual health. The Needs and Resource Assessment can help to:

  • Estimate the magnitude of the teen pregnancy problem in your district
  • Communicate the importance of this issue to parents, school board members, and other stakeholders
  • Identify populations most at risk in your district
  • Identify resources available for sexual health education in the district

Which template should I use, Basic or Comprehensive?

Which version you use depends on how much information you think may be needed to both persuade others in prioritizing adolescent sexual health and make an informed decision when selecting an evidence-based program. While it is not necessary, nor may it be feasible, to obtain all the data from the sections covered in the templates you will want to be prepared with enough information to help you successfully move forward with adopting an EBP. Below is a breakdown of what data can be gathered using each template.


  • Demographics
  • District Policies
  • Staffing (# of program staff)
  • Resources (program implementation resources)
  • Risk Behaviors/Outcomes (i.e. sexually experienced youth





  • Demographics
  • District Policies
  • Staffing (# of program staff, key district staff contacts)
  • Resources (program implementation resources, partnerships & collaborations)
  • Risk Behaviors/Outcomes (i.e. sexually experienced youth, contraceptive use, dating violence)
  • Teen Births
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • STDs
  • District Advocates
  • Parent Support
  • Current Sexual Heath Education Programs in District


Who should fill out this template?

The Needs and Resource Assessment may be completed by one individual or by a selected team of individuals who may be familiar with specific areas. District staff and/or departments to involve in completing the needs and resource assessment may include:

  • District wellness coordinators
  • Accountability and Research Department
  • Student Services
  • Data Department
  • Grant Department

How long will it take to fill out this template?

This depends on the person completing the assessment and their familiarity with the data and resources. In most cases, we have provided links to useful websites and resources to help you find the data you need without having to search extensively. However, in some cases, you will need to find the data on your own, but we have provided guidance on who may be the best person to contact in your district for this information.

What do I need to complete the Needs and Resource Assessment?

Access to the internet and student data (e.g., demographics, student births) and knowledge of district resources (e.g., computer availability for students) are needed to complete the assessment.

Special instructions:
[Red text in square brackets] are instructions for filling out each section.
<Blue text in angle brackets> are sample text that should be filled in.

Helpful resources for finding national and local data:

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