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CHoosing And Maintaining Effective Programs for Sex Education in Schools

Success in Select

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Health Services Director
Edgewood ISD (Texas)
Length: 2 min 9 sec

  • How the district determined which program would best fit their community @ 00:08
  • Why the district only focused on evidence-based programs @ 00:53
  • Parent input as an important factor in the program selection process @ 01:30


Director of Health Services / SHAC Member
Midland ISD (Texas)
Length: 2 min 26 sec

  • Establishing a subcommittee to facilitate the program selection process and factors considered when reviewing programs @ 00:08


Teacher and Purchasing Coordinator for Health & PE
Northside ISD (Texas)
Length: 3 min 45 sec

  • How the district planned the EBP review and selection process @ 00:08
  • Factors considered when selecting a program, such as logistics and time constraints @ 02:10
  • How long the EBP selection process took @ 02:54


Science & Health Curriculum Coordinator / SHAC Facilitator
Huffman ISD (Texas)
Length: 4 min 9 sec

  • Challenges in identifying evidence-based vs non evidence-based programs @ 00:08
  • Importance of selecting an evidence-based program @ 02:20
  • Other considerations when selecting a program, such as identifying grade levels to target @ 02:55


School-Age Parent Liaison
Edgewood ISD (Texas)
Length: 3 min 50 sec

  • How the district began the program selection process @ 00:08
  • Using data to identify grade levels for program implementation @ 00:04
  • Advice for others in the process of selecting an EBP @ 01:30
  • The importance of garnering parent support for the EBP and how to conduct a parent survey @ 02:09


Board of Education Trustee
Houston ISD (Texas)
Length: 1 min 46 sec

  • Using data and expert advice to guide the program selection process @ 00:08


Program Manager for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program
City of San Antonio, Texas
Length 2 min 14 sec

  • Why the health department has focused on helping districts select evidence-based programs @ 00:08
  • Advice for other school districts starting the EBP selection process @ 01:00

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