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CHoosing And Maintaining Effective Programs for Sex Education in Schools

Outcome Evaluation Report (optional)

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What is the purpose of this template?

Completing the Outcome Evaluation report is optional and will be useful only for those districts that administered the Pre- and Post-Tests to their students. The purpose of the Outcome Evaluation Report is to examine whether various psychosocial variables (such as knowledge, attitudes, intentions, and self-efficacy) were impacted by students receiving the evidence-based program your district implemented. The Outcome Evaluation Report can also be used to show key stakeholders, such as parents and school board members, how the program impacted students on these variables. Feel free to modify this template to suit your district’s needs in reporting on outcomes of interest.


While you may want to collect data on students’ sexual behaviors to see if your program worked, this is not recommended for two reasons. First, the percentage of students reporting that they have had sex increases with age. Consequently, if you were to survey students before and after completing a multi-year program, it may appear as though the program did not work because a higher number of students would naturally report having had sex by the end of the program. In addition, if you wanted to look at the effects of the program on sexual behavior, you would need a comparison group so that you could compare the relative differences between the group that received the program and the group that didn’t.
If you have implemented an evidence-based program, it has already been proven to change behavior; thus, if your program was implemented with fidelity, you can have some degree of confidence that the program is working to change behavior in your district. This is why doing a process evaluation (to measure fidelity) is very important.
While a full-scale outcome evaluation (which would include behavior measures in addition to the psychosocial measures collected for this report) is outside the scope of this template, the measures planned for in the Prepare step and collected in the Implement step, combined with previous rigorous evidence that an evidence-based program has worked, may provide some confidence that the selected program is working within your school district.

Who should fill out this template?

Ideally, district-level coordinators should work with a statistician or the district’s data center to determine how to interpret mean score and percent changes.

Special instructions:

[Red text in square brackets] are instructions for filling out each section.
<Blue text in angle brackets> are sample text that should be filled in.

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