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CHoosing And Maintaining Effective Programs for Sex Education in Schools

Pre & Post-Test

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What is the purpose of this tool?

The Pre and Post-Test templates are surveys designed to measure whether students were impacted by the program being implemented. The surveys help describe student knowledge, beliefs, and intentions related to sexual health behavior. Program facilitators/teachers should administer the pre-test prior to student participation in the program and the post-test after students complete the program. A comparison of the scores from the pre-test to the post-test will help describe any changes that might have occurred after the program was implemented and whether program objectives were met.

Who should use these templates?

Curriculum coordinators, program facilitators/teachers, and school staff who will be assisting in implementing the program. Additional staff, such as data managers, may be needed once pre and post-tests have been administered and collected.

What else do I need to know before using these templates?

It is generally recommended to administer the pre-test immediately before students start their first program lesson and the post-test should be administered immediately after the completion of the program or soon after. Pre and post-tests should only be administered to students who are new to the program being implemented. It is helpful if you can link the same student data from the pre and post-test.

What happens after the surveys are administered?

Results should be entered into a spreadsheet or database to be analyzed. Depending on the complexity and volume of data collected, it may be useful to seek help in setting up the data entry approach and analyzing results. For example, there may be a research office or department within the school district available to assist with data analysis.

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