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CHoosing And Maintaining Effective Programs for Sex Education in Schools

Process Evaluation Report

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What is the purpose of this template?

The purpose of the Process Evaluation Report is to examine various quality control indicators so that you can determine if the selected evidence-based program was implemented with fidelity, meaning as it was designed. The Process Evaluation Report can also be used to show key stakeholders, such as parents and school board members, how successfully the district implemented the program. Refer to the iCHAMPSS Interpreting Findings for Success Facts & Tips Sheet in the MAINTAIN Step to determine how the key findings from this Process Evaluation Report should be used to guide future implementation of the selected program. Feel free to modify this template to suit your district’s needs in reporting on the implementation of the selected program.

Who should fill out this template?

District-level coordinators should fill out the Process Evaluation Report for the district, with the aid and resources of the school-level coordinators. School-level coordinators may also use the template to create process evaluation reports for their individual schools. Both district- and school-level coordinators should refer back to the Implementation Plan and various completed process evaluation templates provided in iCHAMPSS.

Special instructions:

[Red text in square brackets] are instructions for filling out each section.
<Blue text in angle brackets> are sample text that should be filled in.

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