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Maria Eugenia Fernández-Esquer, PhD

Photo of Maria Eugenia Fernández-Esquer, PhD

Associate Professor



Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences

Research Interests

AIDS and cancer prevention; perception of risk; ethnic differences in health beliefs and behaviors


Dr. Fernandez-Esquer received her PhD in Psychology at the University of Arizona and then completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Cancer Prevention at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. She has conducted research in cancer and HIV prevention among different ethnic groups, but primarily among Latinos. She has participated in national, statewide, and local community intervention research projects for the prevention of breast and cervical cancer, including her most recent Houston-based education and navigation project among Vietnamese nail salon workers. In addition to cancer and HIV prevention, she has also conducted community-based research among Latino day laborers, exploring their work-related health risk behaviors, particularly those that expose them to hazardous conditions at work.


Email: Maria.E.Fernandez-Esquer@uth.tmc.edu 
Phone: +1 (713) 500-9657
Fax: +1 (713) 500-9650

Current Projects

Proyecto Vales+Tú: A Program to Prevent Injury Disparities Among Latino Day Laborers

Thumbnail image for Proyecto Vales+Tú: A Program to Prevent Injury Disparities Among Latino Day Laborers

The aims of this study were to identify intervention priorities then to design and pilot a culturally responsive safety intervention program for Latino day laborers (LDL).