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The Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research

Local organizational support and development networks for public mental health systems workforce with lived experience

The Supervision of Peer Workforce project, developed by SHARE!, the Self-Help and Recovery Exchange, sought to maximize the efficacy of both peer workers and their supervisors, thereby improving outcomes for individuals receiving mental health and substance use services. To evaluate this project, we conducted a cluster-randomized trial with 85 clinics who hired and supervised over 200 peer workers. Half of the clinics received a series of four trainings on: a) best practices in Peer Services, b) becoming an ally to address discrimination, c) a trauma-informed developmental model of supervision, and d) an anti-stigma workshop. The evaluation compares clinics in the standard practice control condition to clinics receiving the training on peer worker and supervisor outcomes 12 months after the trainings started.


Dr. Louis Brown, Principal Investigator