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Louis D. Brown, PhD

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Associate Professor



Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences
The University of Texas Health  Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Public Health in El Paso

Research Interests

Community Coalitions
Self-Help And Mutual Support
Substance Abuse Prevention
Mental Illness
Implementation Science
Program Engagement
Community Engagement
Hispanic Health


Louis Brown is a community psychologist and Assistant Professor of Health Promotion and Behavioral sciences at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) School of Public Health in El Paso. He studies community-based interventions that promote mental and behavioral health. He is particularly interested in social justice, empowerment, and community engagement. His work with the implementation and evaluation of community-based interventions focuses on low-income, minority populations. He has active lines of research with community prevention coalitions, self-help and mutual support, school-based preventive interventions, community engagement, and Hispanic health. The health outcomes of these interventions vary but include substance use, mental health, cancer, and obesity. Dr. Brown also teaches health promotion theory and methods, with an emphasis on the community level.


Email: Louis.D.Brown@uth.tmc.edu 
Phone: +1 (915) 747-8506
Fax: +1 (915) 747-8512

Current Projects

Teens Against Tobacco Use

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This project is an innovative health promotion program that empowers youth to serve as both educators and healthy policy advocates.

Red de Coaliciones Comunitarias de Mexico

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A network of over 20 youth substance use prevention coalitions across Mexico. The neighborhood based coalitions bring together diverse sectors of the community to bring about environmental and policy changes that prevent youth substance use.

Proyecto Vales+Tú: A Program to Prevent Injury Disparities Among Latino Day Laborers

Thumbnail image for Proyecto Vales+Tú: A Program to Prevent Injury Disparities Among Latino Day Laborers

The aims of this study were to identify intervention priorities then to design and pilot a culturally responsive safety intervention program for Latino day laborers (LDL).

Healthy Fit

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This project connect residents in predominantly low income Hispanic communities to health resources.