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The Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research

Mobilizing Community Partnerships for Effective Sex Education in Middle School

iCHAMPSS is an innovative, theory- and Web-based support system designed to facilitate the adoption, implementation, and maintenance of evidence-based sexual health programs in schools. With over 60 decision-support tools, iCHAMPSS guides users to: improve knowledge of adolescent sexual health and evidence-based programs; improve programs implementation; increase organizational capacity to address complex school health issues; and create stakeholder networks within and between school districts. The  goal of iCHAMPSS is to aid and empower school district personnel, parents, and community members to become champions for improving the status of adolescent sexual health in their district.

iCHAMPSS was pilot-tested for usability and short-term psychosocial impact. School district stakeholders from across Texas (N=16) were recruited and given access to iCHAMPSS for 3 weeks. Pre- and posttests were administered to measure usability parameters and short-term psychosocial outcomes. Results indicated that most participants believed iCHAMPSS was easy to use, credible, helpful, and of sufficient motivational appeal. Additionally, iCHAMPSS significantly increased participants' self-efficacy to obtain approval from their board of trustees to implement a sexual health evidence-based program. Positive, through non-significant, trends included increased knowledge to locate evidence-based programs, skills to prioritize sexual health education at the district level, and ability to choose an evidence-based program that best meets district needs.

(Hernandez, B.F., Peskin, M.F., Shegog, R., Gabay, E.K., Cuccaro, P.M., Addy, R.C., Ratliff, E., Emery. S.T., Markham, C.M. (In press)

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