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Code of Respect (X-CoRe) Program.

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Project Overview

A study to develop and test the usability of a sexual harassment and assault prevention program for active duty Airmen.

Sexual harassment and sexual assault remain serious problems among Service members, affecting their overall well-being, productivity, and mission readiness. More than 35,000 Active-duty Service members experienced unwanted sexual contact in 2021. X-CoRe is an online multi-level healthy relationships intervention developed to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault in the Air Force. It consists of ten 10-minute lessons tailored by rank, as well as a social marketing campaign that targets installation norms. Through interactive skill-building activities, Airmen learn about respectful relationships, setting boundaries, managing emotions, effective communication, active consent, the role of alcohol in decision-making, reporting, and bystander intervention.

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Project Details

Belinda Hernandez, PhD - Principal Investigator

Melissa Peskin, PhD - Co-Principal Investigator

Ross Shegog, PhD - Co-Principal Investigator

Christine Markham, PhD - Co-Principal Investigator

Susan Tortolero Emery, PhD - Co-Principal Investigator

Elizabeth Baumler - Co-Principal Investigator/Statistician

Military Partners – Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst:

  • Iraina Witherspoon
  • Janis Doss
  • Victor Jones

Project Staff

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