How Good Food Works from Seed to Plate 

The Nourish cookbook, How Good Food Works from Seed to Plate, is breathtakingly beautiful with award-winning food photography.  The book begins with an inspiring story on the vision of Laura Moore, MEd, RD, LD and mission of the UTHealth School of Public Health Nourish program - how they teach new generations and those who will care for them the tools to unlock the remarkable potential of what we eat, celebrating both the emotional and functional role of food plays in our lives. Recipes were developed by Dr. Wesley McWhorter, Director of Culinary Nutrition for Nourish and testing for the home cook was provided by Chef/RD Dolores Woods - a Nourish team member and lecturer for the program. Always wanted to build a garden? Dr. Joe Novak, socialhorticulturalist and designer of the garden, offers instruction and helpful tips on how to build one.

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Inside the cookbook are more than 100 recipes that are healthy, delicious and easy to prepare in your home kitchen. You will also find helpful tips and advice on preparation techniques, entertaining ideas and interesting facts on many vegetables, spices and herbs.

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