Why Nourish?

We live in an age of extraordinary scientific and technological innovation—of wealth and wonder, brilliance and breakthrough—yet our country buckles under the weight of disease and depression, crippled by obesity and its chronic companions: namely, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. Some see the epidemic.

We see the opportunity.

As our world caters to a culture of faster and now and the miles between farm to fork grow, cooking and gardening are less-than-common knowledge.

The food we eat is often as foreign as what to do with it. And when we begin to feel the effects of our hyper-processed state, we’re more conditioned to reach for a prescription than turn to nutrition—not because we’re unwise, but because we’re unaware of other possibilities.

We believe the food at our fingertips is the most powerful tool for reclaiming and sustaining our health. Real, beautiful, fresh, honest food contains nearly everything we need to be happy and healthy. This is no revelation. We all know we should eat better. What most of us don't know is how to do it.

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Meet Nourish.
How good food works.

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Teaching Garden
Teaching Kitchen
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How Good Food Works From the Inside Out

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From dietetic interns to dental students to dads down the street.

Our multifaceted curriculum is tailored to healthcare students and professionals, as well as to the general public. Education starts within the nutrition-hungry nucleus of dietetic interns, and ripples across medical schools and professional practices and outward into the community.

  • 01Dietetic Core

    MPH/Dietetic Interns

  • 02Students

    Medical, Dental, Nursing, Public Health

  • 03Professionals

    RDN, MD, PA, DDS, RN

  • 04Community

    Gardens, Schools, Hospitals, Clinics, Community Centers

Our Commitments

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Learn about the Nourish Program resources from students, faculty and staff. 

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