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List of Centers

Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Research

CHPPR conducts research to develop, evaluate and disseminate health promotion and disease prevention programs in diverse settings and populations. Research areas include: cancer prevention and control, cardiovascular health, tobacco prevention, adolescent health, school health programs, women’s health, violence prevention, HIV prevention and alcohol abuse programs.

Director: Susan Tortolero, PhD, 713-500-9634

Center for Health Services Research

CHSR conducts research and provides technical assistance and training in the organization, financing and outcomes of health services, systems and policies. The center focuses on the development and application of health services research methods in the design and evaluation of individually targeted healthcare and community-based public health.

Co-Directors: Charles Begley, PhD, 713-500-9179, David Lairson, PhD, 713-500-9176

Center for Infectious Diseases

The CID addresses the public health concerns of Texans by providing infrastructure and administrative support for multidisciplinary and coordinated research, teaching, and community service programs; fostering epidemiological and biomedical research and training in infectious diseases; and encouraging international collaborative research efforts addressing infectious disease problems. The CID has an international orientation because of the global reservoir of pathogens and because of the potential for importation in the US and Texas; the expertise in the area of international health; and the direct application of the clinical and research information learned in foreign settings to our dealing with the epidemic at home.

Director: Herbert DuPont, MD, PhD, 713-500-9366

Center for Innovation Generation

The Center for Innovation Generation at The University of Texas School of Public Health challenges mediocrity and the norm by teaching innovation and creativity.

Director: Roberta B. Ness, MD, MPH, 713-500-9052

Coordinating Center for Clinical Trials

The CCCT is involved in the coordination of large multi-center controlled clinical trials. The goal of the Center is to identify important public health problems and design large clinical trials to study the efficacy of appropriate interventions, including the collection, management, reporting, and interpretation of study findings.

Director: Barry Davis, MD, PhD, (713) 500-9515

George McMillan Fleming Center for Healthcare Management

The Fleming Center collaborates with other prominent University of Texas schools to provide innovative healthcare research and education on healthcare management, finance and organization. The center brings together leading healthcare executives, researchers and students to enable change in health delivery and organizational effectiveness.

Director: Lee Revere, Ph.D., 713-500-9199

Hispanic Health Disparities Research Center

The complexities of the US/Mexico border near El Paso, the HHDRC monitors the capabilities of the border community to provide information to assist in the interpretation of findings and applicability to other locations and identifies new pilot intervention projects to be developed.

Director: Hector Balcazar, PhD, 915-747-8500

Hispanic Health Research Center in the Lower Rio Grande Valley

The HHRC is a research center at the Brownsville Regional Campus that conducts research into diseases prevalent in Hispanic populations. The program has three research cores focusing on obesity and diabetes research and prevention, particularly the impact on mental health and infectious diseases. Training, outreach and administration are essential parts of the program.

Director: Joseph McCormick, MD, 956-882-5166

Human Genetics Center

The focus of the HGC is to understand the genetic etiology of the common chronic diseases including: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and various vision disorders. Understanding the genetics of these diseases involves: locating and characterizing genes underlying the common chronic diseases, characterizing the extent and utility of DNA variation within and among populations and determining how these patterns of variation evolved, and establishing the impact of gene variation on the health of individuals, families and populations.

Director: Alanna Morrison, PhD, 713-500-9800

Institute for Health Policy

The IHP was established to assist researchers throughout the UT Health Science Center in translating their technical findings into usable advice for program administrators and practical recommendations for health policymakers. The institute will also serve as a catalyst for policy relevant research and will broker opportunities for faculty to apply their expertise to inform current policy debates.

Interim Director: Stephen Linder, PhD, 713-500-9494

Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living

The vision of the Dell Center is healthy children in a healthy world, with a mission to serve as a state, national and international leader in the promotion of healthy living. The center achieves this through prevention and control of childhood obesity through healthy eating and physical activity, promotion of healthy living behaviors in youth, policy and environmental change, and professional education and community service.

Director: Deanna M. Hoelscher, PhD, 512-391-2510

Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health

SWCOEH promotes health, safety and well-being in the workplace and the community. The goal of the Center is to respond to the critical need for well-trained occupational and environmental health specialists by providing graduate-level academic training and continuing education with an underlying foundation of a state-of-the-art occupational and environmental health research program.

Director: Elaine Symanski, PhD, 713-500-9238

The University of Texas Prevention Research Center

UTPRC unites accomplished researchers and dedicated community leaders in a common goal: improving the health of children and adolescents in Texas. The mission of the UTPRC is to impact child and adolescent health through a collaboration of academic, public health, and community partnerships engaged in scholarly, community-based prevention research, research translation, and education.

Director: Susan Tortolero, PhD, 713-500-9634

Texas Public Health Training Center

TPHTC is a research and education resource for public health workers and students which collaborates with other academic institutions, public health agencies and community partners to provide competency based curriculum and training. TPHTC is a state certified Community Health Worker Training Program and houses the Texas Healthy Homes Training Center.

Director: Linda Lloyd, PhD, MBA, MSW 713-500-9163