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  • Food Challenge: Eliminate Waste

    Food Challenge: Eliminate Waste

    Our third challenge asked participants to reduce waste by starting a compost pit with any biodegradable food scraps. We also asked them to recycle paper and plastic by using reusable kitchenware and canvas grocery bags.

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  • Food Challenge: Meal Prepping

    Food Challenge: Meal Prepping

    For our second challenge we asked participants to plan ahead and meal prep for the week. We asked them to start with checking what food they already had and buying only what they needed. Then they could prep all their meals for the week using reusable containers.

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  • Food Challenge: Re-Use and Store

    Food Challenge: Re-Use and Store

    This challenge encourages the cleaning out of your fridge and pantry by making a list of what you have, reorganizing it, reusing any leftovers and freezing food for later use.

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