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Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health

MALDA on Tour: Wei-Chung Su treks airway system across Houston 

Houston (July 31, 2023) – Wei-Chung Su, PhD, CIH, the Interim Program Director of Industrial Hygiene for the Southwest Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (SWCOEH), has developed the Mobile Aerosol Lung Deposition Apparatus (MALDA), an experimental tool for the efficient and systematic study of aerosol respiratory deposition.

MALDA contains two systems: a human airway system (including a set of 3D-printed realistic human airway replicas) and an aerosol measurement system (with two units of aerosol particle sizer). By installing the two systems on a lab trolley with a vacuum pump, MALDA becomes mobile and can conduct aerosol respiratory deposition experiments in real-life settings outside the laboratory. MALDA is used to study occupational and environmental health exposures, including welding fumes, 3D printing emissions, and e-cigarette aerosols.

Dr. Su has had the opportunity to showcase his new airway system, with appearances on KPRC Local 2, the NBC affiliate in Houston as well as Fox 26 Houston and in the Houston Chronicle. Below is a selction of media appearances and stories.

Dr. Su and MALDA on KPRC Local 2.

Dr. Su and MALDA on Fox 26 Houston.

Dr. Su and MALDA in the Houston Chronicle (Link to article)

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