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We provide healthcare data that is accessible, accurate, and actionable for researchers, providers, policymakers, and others. We offer access to unique data sets and analytical support through our team of qualified researchers. Together, we energize improvements in health care with the power of data to achieve an informed, healthy world through insight and collaboration.

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Improving Health through Data

At the Center for Health Care Data (CHCD), our mission is to make health data accessible, accurate, and actionable for Texas and beyond. We analyze health data to find opportunities to improve systems that can make an impact. We provide access to data and our expertise so that clinicians, researchers, policymakers, and other knowledge-seekers can advocate for individuals to make more informed, healthier choices.

We are the largest data center of our kind in Texas. Our researchers and data analysts can assist you in various ways from organizing and categorizing data for easier use to study design, analytics, and manuscript writing.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) designated the CHCD as a Qualified Entity. It allows the use of Medicare Parts A, B, and D claims data to promote transparency in healthcare delivery. In addition, the CHCD has been named the administrator of the new Texas All-Payor Claims Database (TX-APCD). The TX-APCD will use data from payors throughout Texas to provide information on healthcare prevalence, incidence, cost, quality, and other related topics.

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Use our diverse datasets to answer questions that may impact population health.

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To increase the transparency of healthcare costs and outcomes, the Texas Legislator appointed the CHCD as an administrator of The Texas All-Payor Claims Database (TX-APCD).

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Our team can provide analytical expertise for research or service projects related to population health.

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Review the Health of Texas dashboard to identify differences in health for Texans across payors.