Submitter Registration & Info

Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) requires all payors (as defined by the 28 Texas Administrative Code §21.504) are required to register for the TX-APCD. On July 11, 2022, the Center for Health Care Data (CHCD) notified all payors to begin the registration process.

Complete the Registration Form

Registration Process

  1. Email txapcd@uth.tmc.edu the completed registration form. 
  2. Allow two weeks for the processing of registration.
  3. Review the Data Submission Guide, Common Data Layout (CDL), and Technical Guide (links below).
  4. Attend submitter onboarding/training/Q&A session (in person or online).
  5. Register with Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) to create a “TX-APCD User Account” please review the “Technical Guide.”
  6. Prepare test submissions.
  7. Submit test files and for review and approval.
  8. Receive approval from the CHCD to submit production files.
  9. Email txapcd@uth.tmc.edu within 30 days of the following changes: 
    • Changes to the annual registration information
    • Changes to the individual contact information

Extension and Exception Process

Payors are expected to adhere to the submission guidelines and schedules set by the CHCD.   Extensions and/or exceptions may be granted under certain conditions at the Center's discretion. 

Please use the following forms to submit a request. Exception requests must be submitted 30 calendar days before a compliance deadline. Extension requests may be submitted before the reporting date. The Center has 14 calendar days to consider requests.

Technical Guides

The goal of the TX-APCD is to have a standardized dataset across payors for public reporting and research. Our team has created the following guides to inform on required schedules, data file format, data collection procedures, and other details related to how payors may submit data. Texas APCD will be using modified version of the APCD-CDL Version 2.1 standard provided by the APCD Council. Common Data Layout © 2022 University of New Hampshire, NAHDO. Used with permission.

Data Protection and Privacy


The Center maintains CMS-certified data privacy controls and data security measures. Additionally, TACC, which serves as the data storage center for the TX-APCD, equally maintains the highest levels of data security and privacy as required by state and federal law.

When data is received, the CHCD removes personal identifiers from the data warehouse, replacing them with a unique member ID created within the master patient index (MPI). The MPI is designed to avoid duplicating individuals within the database across time, thus allowing for longitudinal analysis.

Public reporting of health care costs, utilization, and quality through the portal will not contain any information that may identify a patient, health care provider, health benefit plan, health benefit plan issuer, or another payor.

Submitter Forums

The TX-APCD team conducts a monthly Submitter Forum on the 3rd Friday of each month (date/time may shift) to discuss issues and answer questions concerning data submission to the TX-APCD.  Registrant emails are automatically added to the meeting invitation, however, you may request an invite by emailing txapcd@uth.tmc.edu.  Below are the past Submitter Forum presentations and Q&As that may be helpful.  

Presentations and Q&A