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Using Claims Data

Claims data offers insight across time on the cost of care, inpatient/outpatient visits, health outcomes, incidence, and disease prevalence in a large number of the population.

Alongside claims data, Non-Medical Drivers of Health datasets can provide information on the environment, economic status, social and community impact, education, access to care, and how these impact health and healthcare. 

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Providing Support

Healthcare data can be overwhelming to work with due to the extensive programming and analytical work required for analyses. Our team can provide enriched data analysis with several enhancements like risk scores, chronic conditions, and consolidated care episodes.

For those seeking additional support, our team can help guide you to select the appropriate dataset for your research question, identify the current codes to use, provide analytical services, and develop visualizations (maps, slides, and dashboards).

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Conduct Data Analysis

Analyze complex datasets to identify trends for a wide range of clinical and public health topics. Provide a report of results that can be used for publication.

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Develop Data Visualization

Our analysis teams are experts in building engaging graphics and dashboards for presentation, publication, and reporting. We can build dashboards, maps, and charts that help programs and projects communicate what matters in a meaningful way.

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Manage Projects

Support collaborators to ensure project needs are met from start to finish.

Past and Current Data Use Cases

Claims data can be used to answer and address a wide range of clinical and public health topics. Here are a few past examples:

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Population Level

Prescription of Potentially Harmful Drugs in Young Adults with Heart Failure and Reduced Ejection Fraction

A retrospective cohort study using a commercial claims database from 2011 to 2014 to evaluate the prevalence of potentially harmful drug (PHD) prescriptions among patients diagnosed with systolic heart failure.