Physical Activity, Planetary Health & Equity Building Synergies to Maximize Impact

Speaker: Deborah Salvo, PhD
Length: 1:01:44 minutes

Many of the known solutions to the physical inactivity pandemic operate across sectors relevant to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and can help improve global health equity. This presentation provides an overview of the contribution of physical activity promotion strategies towards advancing human and planetary health, while promoting social justice and equity. Evidence is shared demonstrating the importance of adopting a synergistic approach to physical activity promotion, sustainable development, and equity promotion, involving multiple sectors beyond health around their goals and values, using physical activity promotion as a lever for a healthier, more equitable planet.


Deborah Salvo, PhD, Associate Professor, The University of Texas at Austin, College of Education, Department of Kinesiology and Health Education, Director, People, Health and Place Lab

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Physical Activity Promotion and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Building Synergies to Maximize Impact in: Journal of Physical Activity and Health Volume 18 Issue 10 (2021)

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