Food Prescription Programs: The Houston Food Bank Experience and Outcomes

Speaker: Danielle Sanders, MPH , RDN, CHES Manager, HFB Food for Change; Shreela Sharma PhD, RDN, Professor of Epidemiology, UTHealth; Nalini Ranjit PhD, Associate Professor Health Promotion Behavioral Sciences, UTHealth
Length: 1:00:02 minutes

Food Prescription (Food Rx) programs are gaining popularity and increasing attention from funders, policy makers, healthcare systems, social service agencies, and researchers, as a strategy to both improve health outcomes and address social determinants of health among those most vulnerable. In this report, we present the results from a comprehensive, multidimensional examination of the Food Rx program implemented by the Houston Food Bank (HFB) in collaboration with multiple healthcare partners across the Greater Houston region. Speakers include Danielle Sanders, Manager of HFB’s Food for Change; and Drs. Sharma and Ranjit, who were funded by the Rockefeller Foundation to evaluate HFB’s Food Rx program.

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