Supporting Families in Crisis: A rapid assessment methodology to address needs in low-income houses during COVID-19

Speaker: Shreela Sharma, PhD, Mike Pomeroy, MPH, and Jacqueline Noyola
Length: 58:06 minutes

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, Brighter Bites was unable to deliver its standard program to families due to school closures. Instead, in partnership with the UTHealth School of Public Health, Brighter Bites deployed a rapid epidemiological assessment qualitative methodology to identify families in need and support their most acute social needs.

Presented by:
Shreela Sharma, PhD, RD, LD
Professor of Epidemiology, UTHealth School of Public Health

Mike Pomeroy, MPH
Senior Program Director, Brighter Bites

Jacqueline Noyola
Program Manager of Nutrition Education, Brighter Bites

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