From Data to Driving Systems Change for Health Equity in Texas: Findings from the Health Opportunity & Equity (HOPE) Initiative

Speaker: HOPE Panelists
Length: 59:54 minutes

The COVID-19 pandemic and the most recent winter storms have yet again laid bare the deep and troubling health inequities that persist across Texas. Latinx, Black, and low-income communities continue to bear a disproportionate burden of disease, death, and loss in the face of public health crises. This is no accident—and is driven by systems that for too long have left some communities disenfranchised from basic life opportunities such as food security, housing, income, education and health care access. The time to change and create more equitable systems for health across Texas is now.

The Health Opportunity and Equity (HOPE) Initiative, supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, was launched in 2018 to help our nation and states move beyond measuring disparities to spurring action to achieve health equity. With its newly released interactive data platform, HOPE data can help state leaders, policymakers, and advocates understand what drives health, set health equity goals, and track progress on 27 indicators of health outcomes and the social determinants of health to achieve those goals. Join this session as panelists reflect on the root causes of inequities in opportunity and health in Texas, and share HOPE’s new approach and data to help chart a path forward for achieving racial and health equity.

Dennis P. Andrulis, PhD, MPH, Senior Research Scientist, Texas Health Institute and Associate Professor, UTHealth School of Public Health

Ankit Sanghavi, BDS, MPH, Executive Director, Texas Health Institute

Nadia J. Siddiqui, MPH, Chief Health Equity Officer, Texas Health Institute

Kim Wilson, DrPH, Independent Consultant

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