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Free in-person Group fitness classes

We are offering FREE group fitness classes to our community of the RGV.  We have a variety of exercise classes such as Yoga, Zumba, Bootcamp, and Pilates. If you're looking for something with a low impact we have chair exercise classes, kayaking, and a walking club! Scroll down and select the city in which you are searching for group fitness classes.  Once you select the city you will be redirected to the group fitness schedule specific to that location.

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Free Exercise CLASS Schedule

Full Schedule
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Free Exercise Schedule - Brownsville Calendar

SPH Brownsville
BTX Health & Wellness
Contact:  City of Brownsville Public Health Department
(956) 542-3437

Free Exercise Schedule  - Combes

Contact: Becky Wilt
(956) 425-3905

Free Exercise Schedule - Harlingen

Contact: Christina Mendiola

Free Exercise Schedule - Hidalgo PCT 1

Hidalgo Pct 1
Contact: Maricela Gonzalez

WhatsApp Group:
Maricela Gonzalez

Clases de ejercicios gratis - Hidalgo pct 4

Hidalgo Pct 4
Contact: Erica De Parra

Free Exercise Schedule - La Feria

La Feria
Contact: Evelia Duran

Free Exercise Schedule - Los Fresnos

Los Fresnos
Contact: Christine Martinez

Free Exercise Schedule  - Port Isabel

Port Isabel
Contact: Cecilia Zamora
(956)266-2231 or (956)943-2682

Free Exercise Schedule - Primera

Cara Cara Trails
Cara Cara Trails

Contact: Veronica Garza
(956) 238-7640

Free Exercise Schedule - San Benito

San Benito
Contact: Letty Gomez
(956)361-3804 ext.305 or (956)357-4564

You have a right to attend and understand these classes. If you wish to attend and you require language services or an accommodation for a disability, please contact Lisa Mitchell-Bennett at lisa.mitchell-bennett@uth.tmc.edu at least 72 hours before the class. You may complain about access by calling the HHSC Civil Rights Office at 888-388.6332. / Usted tiene derecho a asistir y comprender este entrenamiento. Si desea asistir y requiere de servicios de interpretación, o alguna acomodación por discapacidad, por favor contacte con Lisa Mitchell-Bennett enviando un correo a: lisa.mitchell bennett@uth.tmc.edu, al menos 72 horas antes de la clase. Para cualquier queja o sugerencia sobre accesibilidad, puede llamar a la Oficina de Derechos Civiles (Civil Rights Office HHSC) al 888-388-6332.

Tu Salud ¡Si Cuenta! at the Caracara trails

Join us and the Caracara Trails at different trails surrounding the Rio Grande Valley for Yoga/Walking Meditation, Bird & Nature Walk, and a Stargazer Walk. Come out and enjoy the outdoors, relax with meditation, learn about nature, make great adventures while kayaking and gaze at the stars with us!

Group of 6 people on Kayaking boards going down a river

Kayaking Excursion

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Image of the Calendar of Events for the Caracara trails

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You can save these upcoming events on your Facebook account by clicking in the one you're interested in, once you have saved the event on your Facebook, you will get notified when the class starts. Don't forget to like the page to receive the most current calendar schedule of our exercise classes, healthy tips, gardening, cooking classes and more!

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