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Your Health Matters: Community Outreach Attendees will leave with an understanding of why fruit, vegetables, physical activity and portion control is important for a healthy life.

Fruits and Vegetables

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Portion Control

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Growing Healthy Communities

Your Health Matters: Growing Active, Healthy Communities attendees will leave this training with an understanding of the growing obesity epidemic and why regular physical activity and health eating are important for a healthy lifestyle.

This training for Community Health Workers and community members was developed by The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, School of Public Health, Brownsville Regional Campus with funding from the Texas Department of State Health Services and Texas CORD (Childhood Obesity Research Demonstration). It educates them on evidence-based policy improvements, systems and environmental changes to promote physical activity and healthy eating. Participants gain knowledge and skills to identify and analyze policy, systems and environmental barriers in their community that contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle and to identify evidence-based strategies to address them. Participants also practice skills to engage community partners, prioritize approaches and develop an action plan to support activities that create opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating in their communities.

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Fitness for Life

Your Health Matters: Fitness for Life attendees will leave with an understanding of why physical activity is important for a healthy life.

The program goals include: expanding understanding of why physical activity is important for a healthy life, demonstrating how staying active can reduce risk for chronic diseases, empowering participants to get and stay active and counsel clients with activity planning strategies. This curriculum provides trainees with the knowledge and skills about exercise to impart to their communities. Participants will be able to describe the obesity epidemic and its implications to health, describe how energy balance influences healthy weight maintenance or weight loss, and explain the benefits of exercise



Nutritious Eating

Your Health Matters: Nutritious Eating attendees will leave with an understanding of why proper nutrition and regular physical activity are important for a healthy life.

The training will demonstrate how eating right and exercising regularly helps to reduce a person’s risk for chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Participants will be able to discuss the causes of the growing obesity epidemic in the United States, make healthy food choices and counsel clients about meal planning and food shopping based on the GO-SLOW-WHOA concept. Participants will also gain skills in reading Nutrition Facts Food labels and how to eat healthy on a budget.?


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