Diabetes Management


Salud y Vida is a free diabetes management program offered by the UTHealth Houston School of Public Health-Brownsville Regional Campus in partnership with local organizations, hospitals, and clinics.

The program is focused on uninsured residents or those with Medicaid or Medicare that have uncontrolled diabetes and are over 18 years old. Salud y Vida is a 12-month program that includes individual home visits and group support. It also includes up to 24 months of follow-up monitoring to ensure that a participant’s diabetes remains controlled.

Salud Y Vida - Rio Grande Valley Chronic Care Management

Those who qualify for Salud y Vida have access to the following support and assistance:

  • Assessment of their health needs on their first appointment with a community health worker
  • Classes on how to control diabetes
  • Glucometer and a box of test strips
  • Exercise classes
  • Visits by a community health worker to provide education, guidance, and medical referrals
  • A1C exam every 3 months to track progress
  • Small incentives for participation throughout the duration of the program
  • Support groups

Salud y Vida is available in Cameron, and Hidalgo Counties.

For more information about the program or if you wish to register for the program, visit the Salud y Vida website and the Facebook page

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