Food Access and Insecurity

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Food Access and Insecurity Resources: 

  1. Child Nutrition Crisis  
  2. SNAP Utilization and Eligibility in Texas and Texas Legislative Districts  
  3. Impact of COVID-19 on Food Insecurity   
  4. Community Eligibility Provisions: Combating Food Insecurity
  5. College Students and SNAP Utilization
  6. SNAP Emergency Allotment Toolkit
  7. Addressing Hunger Among College Students
  8. Healthy Food is Good Medicine
  9. FRESH Austin  
  10. Healthy Food Access Initiative Evaluation Annual Report
  11. Measuring And Addressing Nutrition Security To Achieve Health And Health Equity 
  12. What Really Happens When a Grocery Store Opens in a ‘Food Desert’?  
  13. What can SNAP buy?   
  14. SNAP Food Benefits  
  15. Streamlining SNAP Access for Texans Re-entering Society
  16. Surplus Agricultural Products Grants
  17. Transportation Reinvestment for Texas Food Banks
  18. Update the SNAP Vehicle Asset Test
  19. Pandemic-EBT Due to COVID-19
  20. Texas ag agency says climate change threatens state's food supply
  21. Get the Facts: Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Consumption  
  22. CDC Nutrition Resource Page  
  23. Healthy Food Environments: Improving Access to Healthier Food  
  24. Food Security 
  25. Feeding America 
  26. State of Childhood Obesity Texas
  27. Child Nutrition Reauthorization 2021 Toolkit, Healthy Kids and Healthy Schools
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