Bike to School Week: How This Kindergartner Bikes During COVID-19 Homeschooling

Published: May 21, 2020

boy biking on sidewalkMy son is an active kindergarten boy.  He loves to play, be outdoors, build Legos, read, but lately he has a passion for riding his special green bike.  Since we have been at home the past 8 weeks, he has really increased his bike riding.  I have especially grown fond of these daily bike rides (daily sometimes turns into twice a day and getting in more than 6 miles for this six-year-old!).  The rides give us a chance to get out of the house, enjoy the nature, expend some energy, but most importantly, allows us to spend time together that we normally would not have.  Our schedules were typically very busy and did not include much downtime before we began homeschool and teleworking.  I enjoy hearing my son sing, just talk, or enjoy listening to him do math problems out loud when he rides his bike.  I asked him a few questions on why he likes to ride his bike:

Why do you like to ride your bike?

Because I like to ride down the big hill on the sidewalk and it is fun.  I can stand up while riding and it is fun to stand up.  I can do turns and circles. 

Do you ride your bike more or less since you have been homeschooling?

I ride my bike more.  I ride it one to two times a day with my mom and my dad. 

Why do you want to keep riding your bike?

Because it keeps me healthy and I can see friends outside from a distance. 

Do have a goal for your bike riding?

To go down hills, turn faster, and to ride my bike with my dad in Colorado – the Triple Bypass bike ride.   

My husband has always been into riding bikes, so my son is used to watching him in community organized rides.  I am pretty sure my son will soon follow his dad’s footsteps.  Even though COVID-19 has kept us away from our family and friends, we find joy in these daily rides.  They keep us active and emotionally healthy. 

If you want to get started cycling on your own or as a family, check out the blog we wrote about Bike to School Week. We share tips and resources on smart cycling.

Owen is a local kindergartner whose mom works at the Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living. In his spare time, you can find Owen riding his bike, reading, or building Legos. Right now he’s missing his friends and classmates, but enjoying his time at home.