Webinar 3: Using Free Statewide Peer-to-Peer Consultation to Address Mental Health Concerns in Families

When & Where

June 5
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
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Event Description

Join us for our third webinar for the 2024 Pediatric Brain Health Webinar Series: Promoting family & provider mental well-being. This webinar will focus on an overview of PeriPan, highlighting its eligibility criteria and explaining how it complements CPAN to offer a robust support network for healthcare professionals. Discover how these services can be utilized to improve your approach to mental health care, including strategies to address complex cases and offer additional resources to patients and families. You'll also hear from clinicians who have successfully used PeriPan and CPAN in their practices, sharing their insights and success stories on how these programs have improved patient outcomes and fostered better mental health care.

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