Recent Publications

Physical Activity, Sleep, and Sedentary Behavior among Successful Long-Term Weight Loss Maintainers: Findings from a U.S. National Study.

(Knell, G., Li, Q., Morales-Marroquin, E., Drope, J., Gabriel, K. P., & Shuval, K. (2021). International journal of environmental research and public health, 18(11), 5557.

Y-PATHS: A conceptual framework for classifying the timing, how, and setting of youth physical activity.

(Szeszulski, J., Lanza, K., Dooley, E., Johnson, A. M., Knell, G., Walker, T. J., Craig, D. W., Robertson, M. C., Salvo, D., & Kohl III, H. W. (2021). Journal of Physical Activity & Health, 18(3), 310-317)

Prevalence and likelihood of meeting sleep, physical activity, and screen-time guidelines among US youth

Knell, G., Durand, C. P., Kohl, H. W., 3rd, Wu, I., & Pettee Gabriel, K. (2019). JAMA pediatrics, 173(4), 387–389.

Long term weight loss and metabolic health in adults concerned with maintaining or losing weight: findings from NHANES

Knell, G., Li, Q., Pettee Gabriel, K., & Shuval, K. (2018). Mayo Clinic proceedings, 93(11), 1611–1616.