Recent Publications

Transit Use and Physical Activity: Findings from the Houston Travel Related Activity in Neighborhoods (TRAIN) Study

(Knell G, Durand CP, Shuval K, Kohl HW III, Salvo D, Sener I, Pettee Gabriel K; Preventative Medicine; 2017)

Intrapersonal and environmental correlates of bicycling in United States adults

(Porter, A., Salvo, D., Pérez, A., Reininger, B., Kohl, H.W.; Preventative Medicine;

Health by Design: Interweaving Health Promotion into Environments and Settings

(Andrew E. Springer, Alexandra E. Evans, Jaquelin Ortuño, Deborah Salvo, Maria Teresa Varela Arévalo; Frontiers in Public Health 5; 2017)

Weather is not significantly correlated with destination-specific transport-related physical activity among adults: a large-scale temporally matched analysis

(Durand CP, Zhang K, Salvo D; Preventive medicine; 2017)

Impacts of a Temporary Urban Pop-Up Park on Physical Activity and Other Individual- and Community-Level Outcomes

(Salvo D, Banda JA, Sheats JL, Winter SJ, dos Santos DL, King AC; Journal of Urban Health; 2017)

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Pop-Up Parks: Get Green Fast

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Pop-up parks are uniquely different than traditional parks, since urban features, like storefronts, restaurants, and offices, surround them.