Recent Publications

Measuring perceptions related to e-cigarettes: Important principles and next steps to enhance study validity

(Gibson LA, Creamer MR, Breland AB, Giachello AL, Kaufman A, Kong G, Pechacek TF, Pepper JK, Soule EK, Halpern-Felsher B; Addict Behav.; 2018)

Longitudinal predictors of cigarette use among students from 24 Texas colleges

(Creamer MR, Loukas A, Clendennen S, Mantey D, Pasch K, Marti CN, Perry CL; J Am Coll Health; 2018)

Positive outcome expectations and tobacco product use behaviors in youth

(Creamer MR, Delk J, Case K, Perry CL, Harrell M; Subst Use Misuse.; 2017)

The relationships between sensation seeking and a spectrum of e-cigarette use behaviors in Texas adolescents: Cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses specific to Texas adolescents

(Case KR, Harrell MB, PĂ©rez A, Loukas A, Creamer M, Wilkinson A, Springer A, Perry CL; Addict Behav.; 2017)

Weight status and cigarette and electronic cigarette use in adolescents

(Delk J, Creamer MR, Perry CL, Harrell M; Am J Prev Med.; 2017)