Marlon Armstrong

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Database Specialist

Marlon joined the Center in January, 2014 to assist CORD and TRAIN with their data needs and to help with the development of the Data Core for the Center. He reviews, modifies and develops database resources across multiple software environments as needs arise. He has recently gotten involved with the Activate Ya! and SPAN projects as well. Marlon has experience in a variety of industries within both the public and private sector.

He says one of the best things about his position is that it demands constant evolution to keep up with technological advances in data collection, storage and dissemination – while maintaining security and compliance with the highest standards. Marlon enjoys this task and considers it a great way to contribute to the Center’s overall vision.

Current Projects

Activate Ya

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The purpose of this study is to develop and test the efficacy of a multiple-component intervention to prevent tobacco use and promote physical activity for 7th-8th graders in Uruguay.

School Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey (SPAN)

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The SPAN survey was established to track the prevalence of overweight and obese school-aged children in Texas.

Texas Child Obesity Research Demonstration (CORD)

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This project will connect the dots between families, pediatricians, schools and local youth organizations to develop community capacity for early detection and effective management of obesity using evidence-based programs like CATCH and MEND.

Houston TRAIN Study

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The Houston TRAIN (Transportation Related Activity in Neighborhoods) Study will examine the short and long-term effect of a new light rail transit (LRT) system on adults’ physical activity in Houston, Texas.