Recent Publications

Text and Mobile Media Smoking Cessation Service for Young Adults in South Texas: Operation and Cost-Effectiveness Estimation

(Ramirez, A.G., Chalela, P., Akopian, D., Munoz, E., Gallion, K.J., Despres, C., ... & McAlister, A.L; 2017)

Abstract A10: Facebook advertisement effects on conversions and enrollment to a SMS/text smoking cessation service for young adult Latinos

(Chalela, P., McAlister, A.L., Gallion, K.J., Muñoz, E., Despres, C., Akopian, D., ... & Ramirez, A. G; 2016)

Moral Disengagement in “War Fever”: How Can We Resist?

(McAlister, A.L., & Wilczak, B; 2015)

Advocacy, Efficacy, and Engagement in an Online Network for Latino Childhood Obesity Prevention

(Ramirez, A.G., Gallion, K.J., Despres, C., Aguilar, R.P., Adeigbe, R.T., Seidel, S.E., & McAlister, A.L; 2015)

Pitkäranta project: Health collaboration across the Karelian border

(Korpelainen, V., Laatikainen, T., McAlister, A., & Puska, P; 2014)