COVID-19: Fighting a Fire Blindfolded

Speaker: Joseph B. McCormick, MD and Susan P. Fisher-Hoch, MD
Length: 1:01:27 minutes

Dr. McCormick and Dr. Fisher-Hoch will cover the very basics of coronavirus, the important clinical signs and symptoms, the diagnostic test and its positive and negative aspects, the spread of the virus and role of asymptomatic, how quickly the virus spread in China and how much faster it spread in Italy, Spain and the USA. They will show examples of how one incident such as a birthday party, or one individual infection can spread the virus quickly, the role of travel, and the effectiveness of early and comprehensive testing and case tracking and the importance now of Shelter In Place.

Presented by:

Joseph B. McCormick,
MD James Steele Professor of Epidemiology,
UTHealth School of Public Health in Brownsville
Adjunct Professor, UT School of Biomedical Informatics
Adjunct Professor of Medicine, UTHealth McGovern SOM

Susan P. Fisher-Hoch, MD
Professor of Epidemiology, Human Genetics & Environmental Sciences,
UTHealth School of Public Health in Brownsville

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