Creating Healthier, More Resilient Kids Through Recess (Outdoor Play)

Speaker: Debbie Rhea, Professor of Kinesiology and Director, LiiNK Center for Healthy Play – Texas Christian University
Length: 58:28 minutes

Sedentary lifestyle choices and inactivity are very common among this generation of elementary aged children, which increases their chances of developing chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, asthma. The school environment may contribute to this problem by offering no more than 20 minutes of recess daily in many elementary schools, while spending the majority of the day focused on classroom content. The LiiNK Project, a whole child intervention, is focused on schools offering four 15-minute recesses, defined as outdoor, unstructured play, during each school day. This webinar will focus on how recess can be highly beneficial to the whole child when offered throughout the day every day.

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