Integrating Digital Interventions with the Clinical Enterprise

Speaker: François Modave, PhD, Professor, Department of Biostatistics and Data Science, UTHealth Center for Community Health Impact
Length: 58:42 minutes

The uptake of informatics solutions in clinical care (e.g., Electronic Health Record systems) combined with the ubiquity of smartphones and wearable devices has led to an exponential growth of digital health solutions. Digital health is broadly defined as the development of, and use of IT, software, hardware, and other mobile health (mHealth) technologies, and their integration, to improve care, access to care, and health more generally. There is a particular emphasis put on the development and use of mHealth solutions as there is substantial evidence that they can be used effectively to increase patient empowerment, in particular for patients for whom involvement in their care is associated to improved health outcomes. However, the integration of such methodologies with the clinical enterprise is often times not carefully planned, largely due to its complexity. In this webinar, we discuss general guidelines to achieve this integration.

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