Worksite Lactation Support Recognition Initiatives: Cross State Collaboration

Speaker: Amanda Reat, Julie Stagg
Length: 54:04 minutes


This webinar is the second in the series of the Virtual Cross State Forum. The purpose of this forum is to determine the best way for those states with worksite lactation support designation programs to collaborate.

We presented on potential benefits of cross-state collaboration as well as discussed different ways to recognize employers who have worksites in multiple states. Most importantly, we spent the majority of the call facilitating discussion so that participants can share their ideas for resource sharing, collaboration, and sustained communication. Finally, we tried to map out any determined action steps for moving cross-collaboration efforts forward.

We had Linda Kopecky speaking about the strides Boulder County in Colorado is taking to create worksite lactation support. We also had Martha Hagen from Kansas sharing the cross collaboration efforts between Kansas and Missouri. Kelsey Herron spoke on behalf of the Maryland and DC cross state collaboration.