Active Texas 2030: Education Sector

Series: Active Texas 2030 Physical Activity Series

Speaker: Jayne Greenberg, EdD, MS
Length: 58:45 minutes

The US National Physical Activity Plan provides a societal sector road map for improving physical activity in the US. The goal of this discussion series is to highlight each societal sector’s recommended strategies and tactics and to provide contexts for adapting the US National Physical Activity Plan to create Active Texas 2030 - a state plan for all Texans.
The Education Sector of the National Physical Activity Plan developed strategies aimed at: 1)  adopting policies that support implementation of the Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program model, 2) providing high-quality physical education programs, 3) encouraging afterschool, holiday, and vacation programs for children and youth to adopt policies and practices that ensure participants are physically active, 4) adopting physical activity standards for childcare and early childhood education programs, 5) promoting opportunities and incentives for college and university students to adopt and maintain physically active lifestyles, 6) providing pre-service professional training and in-service professional development programs, and 7)  developing and advocating for policies that promote physical activity among all students.