Finding Effective Technology-Based Tools for the Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles During COVID-19

Speaker: Melanie Hingle, PhD, MPH, RDN and Michael Lopez, MUP
Length: 61:16 minutes

Many clinics, schools, and community health partners are having to reinvent how to deliver programs and services to help people live healthier lives during COVID-19. This webinar will give an overview of what to look for when choosing an online program so that decision makers can navigate the large market of remote programs and apps available. Insight on what makes implementation successful, how to overcome challenges, and best practices for measuring engagement will also be presented.

Presented by:

Melanie Hingle, PhD, MPH, RDN
Associate Professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences,
The University of Arizona

Michael Lopez, MUP
Extension Program Specialist II, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

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