How Extreme Heat Impacts Physical Activity and What to do About it

Speaker: Kevin Lanza, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Human Genetics, and Environmental Sciences, UTHealth School of Public Health Austin Campus
Length: 1:00:53 minutes

Extreme heat is a major public health concern, leading to more deaths annually in the United States than all other natural disasters. Less is known about the relationship between extreme heat and physical activity, a health behavior that lowers risk of chronic disease. In this webinar, Dr. Kevin Lanza will share his work in Central Texas to determine the association between outdoor temperatures and physical activity, and to evaluate different strategies to promote safe physical activity in warm climates. The webinar will highlight the health inequity of extreme heat wherein all are affected, yet certain populations unfairly feel the effects more than others. Topics covered include the impact of climate change on urban trail use, climate change adaptation strategies for public transit, and results and recommendations from the Green Schoolyards Project.

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