Active Texas 2030: Healthcare Sector

Series: Active Texas 2030 Physical Activity Plan

Speaker: Liz Joy, MD, MPH, FACSM, FAMSSM - Intermountain Healthcare Senior Medical Director | Adjunct Professor, Family & Preventative Medicine, University of Utah School of Medicine
Length: 1:00:39 minutes

The US National Physical Activity Plan provides a societal sector road map for improving physical activity in the US. The goal of this discussion series is to highlight each societal sector’s recommended strategies and tactics and to provide contexts for adapting the US National Physical Activity Plan to create Active Texas 2030 - a state plan for all Texans.

The Healthcare Sector of the National Physical Activity Plan (NPAP) developed 4 key strategies. These include:

STRATEGY 1: Healthcare systems should increase the priority of physical activity assessment, advice, and promotion.

STRATEGY 2: Healthcare systems and professional societies should recognize physical inactivity and insufficient physical activity as treatable and preventable with profound health and cost implications.

STRATEGY 3: Healthcare systems should partner with other sectors to promote access to evidence-based physical activity-related services that increase health equity.

STRATEGY 4: Universities, post-graduate training programs, and professional societies should include basic physical activity education in the training of all healthcare professionals. Progress has been made in several areas, representing key partnerships facilitated through the NPAP, the Physical Activity Alliance, and Exercise is Medicine. The webinar will provide an overview of work to date, successes, and opportunities for further growth and development.

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