Evaluation, Implementation and Sustainability with CATCH onto Health! Consortium

Series: CATCH Monthly Webinar

Speaker: Jeff Franklin, Phyllis Wood
Length: 50:04 minutes

Since 2007, the Illinois CATCH onto Health! Consortium has worked toward the implementation of CATCH and Coordinated School Health Education in the Illinois Delta Region. The Illinois CATCH on to Health! Consortium (ICHC) applies a planned, systemic, and coordinated school-based approach to behavioral and environmental change to improve children’s nutrition and physical activity. CATCH builds an alliance of children, parents, teachers, and school staff to teach skills and behaviors associated with maintaining healthy lifestyles.

Results and progress of current utilized implementation strategies, evaluation plans, sustainability efforts, and future programmatic changes for the 80 southern Illinois schools currently implementing CATCH will be explored.

May 24, 2016
11:00 - 11:50 AM (CST)

Our guests will be:
Jeff Franklin
Illinois Delta Project Director

Phyllis J. Wood
Health Educator and the CATCH Director
Egyptian Public and Mental Health Department