Texas Family-Friendly Worksite Development Initiative (TXFWD): Invitation to Participate

Speaker: Julia Stagg, Alma Carver
Length: 58:44 minutes

The Texas Mother Friendly Worksite Technical Assistance and Support Program (TMFW-TASP), in partnership with the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Maternal and Child Health Unit, is pleased to announce a new technical and material assistance opportunity for selected public employers. This opportunity will support selected employers with technical assistance to plan and begin to implement worksite “Mother-Friendly” support policies and programs for their employees who choose to breastfeed.

Consideration for participation in the current opportunity is open to county and municipality governments geographically located within a Texas Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA entities) + certain county and principal city Local Public Health Departments (LHPDs). A listing of MSAs is included as Attachment Texas Metropolitan Statistical Areas.

The primary focus of this opportunity is for MSA entity cities and counties to develop and implement Mother-Friendly worksite lactation support policies and programs for employees in all of their departments. However, consideration for participation at a lower funding level may now be provided for LHPDs of MSA entity Counties and MSA entity Principal Cities (as listed in standard, non-italicized font on the attached pdf) that have not yet implemented a city-, county-, or department-wide Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite policy. Participating LHPDs would develop department level policies and programs and would be required to obtain agreement from their cities or counties that, through their participation, the LHPDs serve as Mother-Friendly Pilot Projects and that the municipalities or counties would work within a year of pilot completion to develop Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite policies and programs that extend to all of their city- or county-departments.

Webinar speakers included:

  • Julia Stagg, MSN, RN, IBCLC, RLC, State Breastfeeding Coordinator, Women's, State Perinatal and Infant Health Team Lead, Texas Department of State Health Services
  • Alma Carver, MPH, Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite TASP Project Director

PDF of Slides

Copy of original announcement

MSA List

Eligible Local Public Health Departments 

TXFWD Application Survey 


March 24

  • Complete online survey to demonstrate intent to participate

March 28

  • TMFW-TASP will email all selected employers and request a Letter of Commitment (LOC) to participate.  A template will be provided.

April 4

April 10

  • TXFWD team will send out pre-work for April to be worked on in advance of the April webinar

Late April (TBD)

  • First project webinar for participating MSA entities will take place