Community-Engaged Research in Nutrition– Bridging the Gap for Better Health

Speaker: Jayna Markand Dave, PhD
Length: 50:57 minutes

Dr. Jayna Dave, is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics-Nutrition at Baylor College of Medicine. Her research is driven by a deep commitment to addressing health disparities and understanding the social determinants of health inequity, particularly in the context of chronic disease prevention for children and families from low-income, racial/ethnic minority populations. Dr. Dave utilizes community-engaged approaches to improve population health by designing, implementing, and evaluating interventions that target environmental, behavioral, and psychosocial factors contributing to obesity and diet-related chronic diseases in various settings. Her work delves into understanding the social determinants of nutrition-related health inequities and investigates the role of food assistance programs on nutrition and health outcomes. She has a robust research agenda and has served as a Principal Investigator on several projects funded by the National Institute of Health and United States Department of Agriculture.

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