Active Texas 2030: Media & Communications Sector

Series: Active Texas 2030 Physical Activity Plan

Speaker: Kate Olscamp, MPH, CHES, PMP
Length: 59:21 minutes

Media and communications campaigns are designed to increase awareness and knowledge, influence attitudes and beliefs, and eventually result in behavior change. These types of campaigns have been used to influence health behaviors at the community, state, and national level. Given the power of the media and communications sector in the daily lives of the entire population, successful implementation of the strategies and tactics outlined in the National Physical Activity Plan has the potential to become a powerful and promising avenue to inform, educate, and motivate the U.S. population to be active.

The US National Physical Activity Plan provides a societal sector road map for improving physical activity in the US.The goal of this discussion series is to highlight each societal sectors recommended strategies and tactics and to provide contexts for adapting the US National Physical Activity Plan to create Active Texas 2030 - a state plan for all Texans.

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