Feeding with Impact

Series: Child Health in the Texas Legislature

Speaker: Celia Cole, Feeding Texas; Shreela Sharma, Brighter Bites
Length: 40:54 minutes

Due to the additional risk factors associated with poverty, food insecure and low-income people are especially vulnerable to obesity. Limited access to affordable healthy foods, fewer opportunities for physical activity, and cycles of food depravation and overeating all contribute to high rates of obesity in this population. 

Feeding with Impact is a strategy to combat obesity and improve health outcomes by combining free produce distribution with evidence-based programs to increase food access and food literacy for low-income Texans. 

 In this webinar we explain: 

  • How Texas food banks currently source fresh produce from Texas farmers
  • How the school-based Brighter Bites program combines fresh produce delivery with parent and child physical activity and nutrition education
  • How Texas can further expand Feeding with Impact strategies