About the Scientific Advisory Council

The Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living convened a Scientific Advisory Council from 2008 - 2018 that consisted of five national experts in child health, nutrition, physical activity, and obesity.

The Scientific Advisory Council provided the Center's Executive Committee, faculty, and the Michael & Susan Dell Post-Doctoral Fellow guidance and suggestions on setting a research agenda in child and adolescent health, guidance to create evidence-based Center projects and activities, and overall strategic direction to the Center, including input on funding, publication, and other goals to help shape the Center's future direction and development. 

These experts were beneficial to the Center since childhood obesity is one of the most significant public health problems that we face, and the Center is charged to provide an opportunity to advance the field to make a significant impact. The Council members were essential to provide a vision for the Center’s future, along with an astute perspective on the past. 

Scientific Advisory Council

Tony Biglan

Anthony Biglan, PhD

Senior Scientist
Oregon Research Institute

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John Elder

John Elder, PhD

San Diego State University

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Russell Luepker

Russell Luepker, MD, MS

Mayo Professor
University of Minnesota 

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Jim Sallis

James F. Sallis, PhD

Distinguished Professor of Family and Preventive Medicine
Director, Active Living Research
University of California, San Diego

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Mary Story

Mary Story, PhD, RD

Professor of Global Health and Community and Family Medicine
Director, Healthy Eating Research
Duke University 

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