Resource Guide: Mental Health Research

Published: May 7, 2024

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As taking care of your mental health is an important part of healthy living, this month is a great opportunity to learn about public health strategies that improve mental well-being. Check out some of the Center’s work related to mental health.  


Multiple factors — including sleep quality, technology use, nutrition, and environment — influence mental health across the lifespan. The Center has developed an array of resources exploring strategies to promote child and parental mental well-being. 


The Center’s webinar archive houses expert discussions on a wide range of public health topics. Some recent presentations addressed child mental health: 

Pediatric Brain Health.png

2024 Pediatric Brain Health Webinar Series 

The Texas Pediatric Brain Health Initiative is a multisector, multi-agency collaboration focused on the prenatal to three-year-old developmental window that is hosting its 2024 webinar series (Promoting family & provider mental well-being) every other week in May and June. 

Spotlight webinar Climate Change.png 

The Impact of Climate Change on Child Health 

Maternal Health Thumbnail.jpg

Maternal Child Health in Texas: A Continuing Crisis 

Cessation webinar.jpg 

Promoting Healthy Choices and Support for Vaping Cessation Among Youth & Families 

A return to school health.png 

A Return to School Health: Opportunities for Prioritizing Student Health in the Upcoming School Year 

State-funded texas programs.png

State-Funded Texas Programs Address Youth Mental Health Crisis